Legal expert Hanna Hasl-Kelchner is the No Nonsense Lawyer who takes a bold and innovative approach to taking the bite out of business legal liability.  Her specialty is the intersection of business and law.

She is a licensed attorney, an award winning author, speaker, and founder of the consulting firm Business M.O., LLC and the Legal Leverage® Academy. 

With more than 30 years of experience in private, government and in-house practice, an MBA, plus experience running her own business,and teaching at two top tier MBA programs (Duke and UVA), she understands what makes the world of business and law tick. 

Her analyses and recommendations have assisted influential decision makers ranging from start-ups to Big Tobacco, and the White House.  Her shrewd insights help businesses save money and avoid lawsuits by making a no nonsense connection between law and business that is easy to understand, simple and fun. 

That’s why she’s been called a “lawyer you can love” by a Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author.

Hanna has been featured on MSNBC and FoxNews and was recently filmed by Emmy Award Winning Director and Producer, Nic Nanton, for a segment of America’s Premier Experts that aired on ABC, NBC CBS and Fox affiliates nationwide.  She has also co-authored the best-seller, Champions: Knockout Strategies for Health, Wealth and Success for which she won the Editor’s Choice Award.

Her general counsel services, teaching, writing, and speaking focus on practical tips that empower business success. She has counseled and written across a variety of legal and business topics, including human resource and employment law, contracts, intellectual property, ethics, and leadership. She has also managed complex litigation and maintained outside counsel budget accountability.

Books include the Amazon best seller Champions: Knockout Strategies for Health, Wealth, and Success from Today’s Leading Experts (Celebrity Press 2012), and The Business Guide to Legal Literacy: What Every Manager Should Know about the Law (Jossey-Bass 2006).

Her work focuses on leadership & development as it relates to putting you in the drivers seat of corporate risk management.  (For a quick overview of how legal literacy and legal leverage® can help you build a stronger business culture  be sure to grab your free leadership & development infographic.) 

She has been quoted in Fortune Small Business, ABA Journal, InsideCounsel, HR Magazine, Business Week, and the Los Angeles Times, and had her writing featured in US Chamber Magazine, BizEd, Young Lawyer, ACCA Docket, American Executive and

Hanna earned her undergraduate degree from Duke University, her MBA degree from Cornell University, and her law degree from the Rutgers University School of Law – Camden, where she won awards for her advocacy skills.  She has also been on the faculty and taught at the Duke University Fuqua School of Management and the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business.  

She is also on the editorial board of The Journal of Business Ethics and a member in good standing of the New Jersey and Washington, D.C. bar and multiple federal courts as well as the Court of International Trade.

Located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, she is available nationwide by arrangement.