My Story

My bio is only part of my story.  Sure, it gives you career, name, rank, and serial number, plus  “accomplishments.”  But, it doesn’t really tell you why I do what I do.

Why I started Business M.O. and the Legal Leverage® Academy

What started as an in-house training program to help newly promoted vice presidents learn more about the legal aspects of their expanded leadership role evolved into an MBA level course taught at Duke and the University of Virginia and finally into a book. The training focuses not only on what to do, but also how.  I explain why some choices reduced liability and maximized opportunity better than others. 

Business MOWhat we do and how we do it determines our M.O., our modus operandi. It’s how we roll and it really is true that small hinges can swing big doors. Lawsuits, as well as reputations, are made or broken by details.  Knowing which details matter and which don’t separates the great business enterprises from the also ran.

As I continued to develop management training and executive education programs I discovered that I enjoyed teaching and empowering smart executives, managers, and entrepreneurs with the strategies and skills necessary to manage corporate risks on their own more than fixing a problem after the sauce has already hit the fan.

To thrive in the new economy I also knew that businesses couldn’t continue to treat lawsuits and other legal issues as a “cost of doing business.” It’s simply too expensive.  No nonsense education and training was needed to help busy executives, managers, and entrepreneurs make more informed business decisions.

Legal Leverage AcademyAs a result, Business M.O. LLC and the Legal Leverage® Academy were born.  One thing simply led to another.  I now help businesses identify, create, and implement strategies that allocate their legal risks more effectively.

Better corporate risk management accelerates the development of high performance and high integrity business cultures.  I accomplish it through general counsel services, executive coaching, mastermind groups, executive education and management training.

Improving your business plan with easy to use legal strategies and risk allocation

A lot of people will tell you what they’re passionate about . . . and that’s nice. But unless you know the back story, those “passions” are nothing more than sexy sound bites.

Let’s face it, our passion comes from what we love and what we hate. And those loves and hates also drive our vision and our mission . . . now that rocks.

That’s why I want to share the following stories with you. 

I love it when you leverage your understanding of the legal playing field to advance your business objectives.  I absolutely hate it when legal foul lines trip you up because you’re not aware of the rules of the game . . . because nobody ever told you.  I’m here to help you fix that.  To help you learn from other people’s mistakes by making the connection between business and law clear and easy to understand so you can unlock more growth, profitability, and business success.