Leadership & Team Building

for Executives, Managers and Entrepreneurs

As The No Nonsense Lawyer and America’s Legal Advocate for Entrepreneurs, I reveal the insider secrets that take the bite out of business legal liability and provide you with a blueprint for smoothing out potholes and speed bumps to make your business stronger and more successful.

It’s all about EMPOWERING you with the foresight to anticipate predictable surprises that occur at the intersection of business and law. I make that connection easy to understand, simple and fun.

I clarify the unfamiliar and put it into practical business terms that make sense. It’s just one of the 5 reasons I can help you make your next business event a succuss and why I’ve been called a “lawyer you can love” by a Chicken Soup for the Soul co-author.

Discover how to transform business legal obstacles into business opportunities that:  

  • Save time and money,
  • Create extreme competitive advantage,
  • Develop thriving customer and employee relationships,
  • Catapult brand protections and shield market share,
  • Disarm legal landmines,
  • And MUCH more. 

Powerful food for thought is one of the many benefits of engaging Hanna Hasl-Kelchner as a keynote speaker at your next business eventYour audience will gain:

 *  Awareness of how business and law intersect and the major pinch points that can crush your business and turn it into a litigator’s chew toy,

 *  Action steps that can be immediately used to build a more prosperous business,

  •  *  Greater self-confidence, and

 * More freedom to conduct business on their terms.

Your GPS for more business success

Get your audience on the fast-track to business success with the leadership secrets they don’t teach in business school.

Hanna Hasl-Kelchner, The No Nonsense Lawyer and America's Legal Landmine expert teaches executives, managers and entrepreneurs how to successfully navigate business legal risk     Hanna’s topics are ideal for: 

  • Business leadership programs
  • Business ethics programs
  • Human resource programs
  • Organizational development
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Financial cost control
  • Entrepreneurship programs
  • Compliance programs
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Business retreats


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Topics can be customized for your audience. Speaker one-sheet, No Nonsense Lawyer, America's Legal Landmine Expert, Hanna Hasl-Kelchner

I look forward to helping you make your event a success!

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