Business to Business Strategy

Business to business strategy deals with the big picture risk of business to business relationships.  

Business to business strategy influences company culture by determining how much risk is avoided, reduced, or transferred in the course of executing the company’s mission.  It’s not about taking zero risk. It’s about being proactive and taking smart risk.

As a result, business to business strategies that anticipate legal risk and properly manage it empower more business success.  They pave the way to higher levels of performance and profitability.

Being able to avoid, reduce or transfer legal risk takes more than common sense.  It requires an understanding of the legal chess board your business operates on to avoid being blindsided.

Even if you rely heavily on legal counsel to give you advice about your business to business strategies, you still need legal literacy to know when to call them, otherwise you could accidentally find yourself in a situation like The Case of the Trigger Happy Manager.

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