Independent General Counsel Services


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Small and mid-sized business enterprises face the same legal challenges as big business but don’t have the benefit of an in-house counsel down the hall or deep pockets to buy their way out of trouble.  

That makes it more important than ever for them to be proactive about managing their business conflicts and legal risks.

 The traditional answer has been to rely on law firms; but, as hourly rates continue to climb many business owners opt to go it alone or pick and choose — often with disastrous results.

 When one small business entered into an agreement with a new business partner, they were reluctant to call their law firm.  Instead, they made changes to the agreement themselves, only to discover later that they gave away an important piece of intellectual property.  It was a big mistake for the young technology company and a classic case of “penny wise and pound foolish.”

That’s why I introduced Independent General Counsel Services.   

Introducing Independent General Counsel Services

Small and mid-sized businesses can now have the “Big Business” advantage.  I evaluate your legal risk in relation to your business objectives to help you build your best business.

My recommendations and insights have informed influential decision makers ranging from entrepreneurs, to Big Tobacco, to the White House and now these powerful insights can be yours.

Independent General Counsel Services are affordable, high quality, in-house legal services, supplied by experienced and licensed lawyer who can provide your management team with general legal advice, explained in easy to understand English, about your day-to-day business issues. 

Most small and mid-sized businesses overlook their legal exposure and treat it as a non-controllable cost of doing business.

To learn more about how independent general counsel services can help you engineer a solution to go from non-controllable to controllable risk exposure download your copy of my complimentary white paper.