Business M.O., LLC

Business MOWhat you do and how you do it is your M.O., your modus operandi.  It’s your reputation.  It’s your business culture.  It’s how you roll.

Good companies respond swiftly to legal problems while great companies anticipate and avoid them.  It requires effective corporate risk management, business planning, and a system of checks and balances.


Benefits of a stronger, more resilient business culture  

Business M.O., LLC is dedicated to helping you build a company culture that maximizes business opportunities by anticipating legal problems and successfully avoiding, reducing, or transferring unwanted legal risk.  To help you achieve that goal I offer two types of services.

Independent General Counsel Services

GENERAL COUNSELIndependent General Counsel Services are in-house legal services supplied by a licensed and experienced, senior lawyers who can provide management with proactive legal advice on day-to-day issues on an as-needed, or part-time, basis. 

These general counsel services are ideal for fast growing businesses who are unable to justify a full-time general counsel on staff; but, they still want the convenience and advantage of a trusted advisor that has a nuanced understanding of their business history as well as their future challenges.  

Such services are contracted for in the capacity of an independent contractor or consultant.  That’s why they’re called “independent” general counsels. 

Download your complimentary “Entrepreneur’s Guide to Independent General Counsel Services: The Practical Way to Protect & Grow Your Small or Medium Sized Business” today. 

Business Consulting

ConsultingWhen you’re not sure where to start in getting your arms around enterprise legal risk or stuck with a compliance program that’s under performing, give me a call.  I can review your processes and activities and devise a plan of action to realign your business culture with your core values and get you back on track.

Individualized Coaching: High performers in sensitive positions often prefer personalized coaching on topics such as sexual harassment, discrimination, and other areas of talent management.  It’s about the law and its about managing the white space on the organizational chart. 

Mastermind Groups: Coaching is also available through Mastermind Groups. The dynamics of group participation can accelerate the transformation of your company culture.  Members gain benefits that only a group can offer including new perspectives from other highly motivated members, and accountability partners.  Admission is limited and by application only.

The No Nonsense Lawyer is honored to be the ACQ Global Award Winner for the US in the category of Leadership Development Advisory Services.


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